Every thing in my life that is worth doing I have needed someone to help push me along.  Whether it’s hesitation in the beginning because I don’t think I’m qualified to apply to school, waning faith in the middle of working that I understood the question clearly enough to develop a solution, or frustration during the all-nighter before it’s all due I always find myself needing a push.

I think that’s the way it is supposed to be.  We are social creatures after all.

ImageIn teaching swimming lessons, I’ve found that there are three types of kids – those that always listen and are too scared to do anything, those that never listen and either do or don’t depending on their mood and finally those that queue what they are going to do directly from your mood.  All types are great kids and can be great swimmers but I can only teach them if I can identify which type they are (even if it only lasts for the day) that way I know how to push them.  All types need pushing.  Every child freezes the first time you throw them in the deep end – even the ones who “know” they can swim.  They’re the first to look up wide-eyed begging you what to do.

Then is the critical moment – do you reach out and embrace them encouraging the thought that they need you or do push them on encouraging them that they can do it themselves?

All my life I’ve believed that I could do it myself, only today as I told another kid she did it all without me did I start to wonder who’s been pushing me.

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