Our Wedding

We’re getting married! Please find the details below for

Steven Truman & Jennifer Peeler’s Wedding

The wedding will be (a fancy picnic!) held September 21, 2013
on my good friend’s farm in Franklinton, NC.


(our engagement photos were taken by the lovely Kim Alford)

Invited guests will receive invitations via mail.
Please RSVP using the response card in your invitation.


So, what is a fancy picnic you ask?  Think Seurat.

Which means you’ll be wearing your semi-formal attire (suits for men – jackets optional, short Sunday dresses for women) but there will be picnic blankets, baskets of snacks and barbeque.


Should you wish to help us celebrate with a gift we took the time to choose (and argue over) things we need.  Please use this list as a guideline as all gifts are appreciated, large or small, bought or home-made, or just cash money.  We have registered through MyRegistry.com – which includes multiple registries for your convenience at Amazon, Crate and Barrel, Bed Bath and Beyond, BelkThe Container StoreTarget and Walmart.  Thank you!


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